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Recipe // Refreshing Mallow Semifreddo

Makes 8 - 10 portions




  • Cake tin (26cm)

  • Plastic wrap

Let's get started!

  • Add the heavy cream and 50g of sugar to a large, clean bowl. Whip until smooth and thick.

  • Seperate the egg yolks from the egg whites. 

  • Add the egg yolks and 50g of sugar to another bowl. Whisk until it smooth, leaving you with a white/yellow mix.

  • Add the egg whites to another bowl and whip until stiff.

  • Add the whipped cream mixture, yoghurt and chocolate powder to the white/yellow egg mixture. Carefully fold the mixture together using a spatula.


  • Now add the egg whites mixture and carefully fold the mixtures together using a spatula.

  • Now add the mini mallows and carefully fold the mixtures together using a spatula.

  • Line your cake tin with plastic wrap.

  • Carefully add the mixture to the cake tin and spread out evenly.

  • Put in the freezer until completely frozen (at least 8 hours - preferably a whole night)


Now take out your beautiful semifreddo and decorate to your liking before serving!

  • Carefully chop our chocolate marshmallows into smaller pieces

  • Add some extra mini mallows


Your Mallow Semifreddo is now ready to be enjoyed!


Recipe made by The Baking Foodstylist for BARÚ.