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Recipe // Iced Vanilla / Pink / Spiced Chai Latte

Did you know Chai Latte is a super delicious summer drink? All the tantalizing spices you love combined in an icecold Chai delight. Prepared with cow’s milk or a plant-based alternative. We think this one is just heavenly with oat milk.


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What you need

  • 20 g Vanilla / Pink / Spiced Chai Latte powder (measure with the heart)

  • A splash of hot water

  • 20 cl (plant-based) milk 

  • 3 to 4 icecubes (depends on how cool you already are) 


How you make it

  1. Add the Chai powder to your favorite iced latte cup

  2. Add a splash of hot water and stir. This will bring all the flavors and spices to life

  3. Add 20 cl of your fav (plant-based) milk and stir

  4. Add some ice cubes

  5. Finish with (plant-based) whipped cream if desired and finish with a little chai powder on top

  6. Enjoy!