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About us

Welcome to Diepenbeek, Belgium, where Gunther & Maarten whip up tasty treats bursting with authentic flavour! What emerges from their bubbling brains? Only the most wondrous and delicious bites and drinks! Fluffy chocolate marshmallows with delicious toppings, chocolate bars with wonky flavours and decadent hot chocolate & chai. 


We want to create our wonderful bites and drinks in the most sustainable way. We focus on socially inclusive and local manufacturing, short supply chains and eco-friendly packaging. With each delicious nibble, you’re supporting positive change!


We love making fabulous sweets for you. Thanks to our awesome team we're able to do so. Our mad hats are always filled with ideas and we can't wait to show you what's next! 


Did you Know...

... why we love hippos?

A hippopotamus is an absolutely absurd animal. It's massive, yet superfast. A land animal that spends most of it's day underwater. On top of that it doesn't even eat any chocolate!

...our office pets are a monkey and a magpie?

Wilbur and Maggie are two peas in a pod but they also love raising a ruckus. They're a bit shy and keep to themselves when we have visitors. You wouldn't even notice they're there.

... our marshmallow bar was the first of its kind?

We must have heard "you're mad" a dozen times when we first presented our bars. "Naturally" we said, "but what do you think about the bars?"

... marshmallows were first created as a cure for a sore throat?

The medicinal power of the ‘marsh mallow’ plant (Althaea Officinalis) was discovered by the Ancient Egyptians. A spoonful of sugar made the medicine go down, didn't it? Clever folk those Egyptians...