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Recipe // Swirly Chai Iced Mocha

Looking to jazz up your usual iced mocha? Say hi to our Swirly Chai Iced Mocha, an amazing icecold fusion of coffee, chocolate, rich spices and milk. Simply chai-rrific and mocha-nificent!

What you need

  • 10 g Spiced Chai Latte powder 

  • 10 g Swirly powder

  • A hot shot of espresso (15 ml, but quantity depends on how much energy you need)

  • 15 cl milk (alternative)  

  • 3 to 4 icecubes (depends on how cool you already are) 


How you make it

  1. Add the Chai and Swirly powder to your favorite iced latte cup

  2. Add a hot shot of espresso and stir. This will bring all the flavors and spices to life

  3. Add some ice cubes

  4. Top off with your fav (plant-based) milk and stir

  5. Finish with (plant-based) whipped cream if desired and add a little Chai or Swirly powder on top

  6. Enjoy!