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DIY // how to reuse your gift jar

Your chocolate marshmallows may be gone, but the fun is far from over 😉 

Turn your gift jar into a fabulous vase with this easy DIY!


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What you need :

  • empty BARÚ jar

  • tape, double sided tape or (kids friendly) glue

  • rope, strings, ribbons, ... of your choice

  • scissors


How to : 

  1. Take your rope or other material and attach the starting point to the jar. Use tape, double sided tape or glue to secure and hold.

  2. Wrap the rope (or ...) around the top of the jar - as much as like.

  3. Cut off the rope with scissors or bind off. You can use tape or glue to attach the end to the jar.

  4. Optional : cut off an extra piece and make a bow.


That's it! 

Get Inspired

You can easily use any material to decorate the vase.

From any coloured ribbon, rope or even tape.

Adjust to your liking and enjoy the result!


Have fun!

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